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Yes, we also offer the training required for commercial remotely piloted vehicles called FAA Part 107 Certification. Click on the link above and goto our Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (Drone) affiliate learning center. The best training available to get your commercial drone operators (FAA Part 107) certification! Open new doors to aerial photography, surveying, exploration and start making money with your new drone certification! 

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For certified and current private pilots, there is a free course available on the FAASafety Website

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The three steps of learning to fly are J.E.T. 

Jurisdiction -The is when you will obtain a flight medical from an FAA Certified Aviation Medical Examiner (AME). You will also need to apply for a Student Pilot Certificate. We can help! If you're not in our area, we simply help you find a flight instructor as you will find next in Education step 2.

Education - This is comprised of two parts - The first part is the ground school.

1) Click the link above to take you to the most comprehensive flight instruction on the planet! We have partnered with Gold Seal Flight School to provide you the absolute best online learning product available. At only $169 USD, it is also the most affordable of all the other flight instruction packages available!

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2) The second part is flight training. Once you enroll in our ground school, you can utilize our flight instructor locator tool to help you with the Jurisdiction and Flight

Testing - Once you have completed the ground school, you need to take the FAA written exam which is good for 24 calendar months. Then once you complete your flight training, you will be required to take an oral and practical flight exam with a Designated Pilot Examiner (DPE)

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Our Passion

What sets us apart is our desire to help others achieve their dreams! With over 20 years of experience, our mission is to make your goals a reality and provide the very best products and services!

Our goal is simple:
To Help the Industry make a Million Pilots! 

There are currently about 600,000 active pilots in the USA, down from over 800,000 at its peak. There are a lot of opportunities in aviation and getting your pilot license is the best way to get there! 

The US Air Force and the Airlines are all experiencing a shortage of pilots. This is partially due to the mandatory retirement age of 65 for airline pilots and partially due to the heightened requirement of the Airline Safety Act of 2010 that raised the minimum number of flight hours of Airline Transport Pilots to 1500 hours of total flight time. But you only need 250 hours to get your commercial certification and start earning money as a pilot!

Aviation is a great platform for S.T.E.M. (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) and much more! You'll learn about Weather, History and gain valuable Communication and Decision Making Skills that will improve every part of your life. 

We make it easy! You don't have to be a scientist of a mathematician to be a pilot. You simply have to learn the processes and tools available to get the information you need to master the most important quality of an aviator - Sound Decision Making! We'll walk you through every step of the way!

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The 3 steps to becoming a pilot

  • Jurisdiction
  • Education
  • Testing

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